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What is Critical CSS?

For the non-techies, CSS is the code that styles your website. Makes text big, small, red, green, aligns your images to the right, the navigation to the left, etc. …

“So have you done anything like this before?”

“Nah man, I’ve done some meditation before but nothing like this” — I reply

“It better not be a cult. If they make us sit through pain and tell us it’s good for us… cleansing or some shit — I’m out of…

Pokhara is thumbs up smiley face great. An absolute treat compared to Kathmandu. A little lakeside town at the base of the Himalayas, full of travellers trying out their trekking poles or de-leeching from the nearby Annapurna mountains. If you tilt your head up, you’ll see a rainbow of paragliders…

Alex Florisca

Musings on travel, adventures, life, tech & design

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